Friday, January 21, 2011

day four = so so

i think i did much better with eating yesterday thursday  but there was a glich in the whole work out plan   children really do change your plans and quickly.  so i did not my workout in and today is a snow day, so this morning i plan on doing the wii fit  wish me luck imll need it withtwo boys in house!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day Three -

I ran yesterday am on the treadmill at the local gym!
3 miles in under an hour!  Ouch is all I have to say!
I also ate well and avoided the snacks.

I had a thin bagel with peanut butter before my work out
yogurt and carrots as a snack
2 - 16oz bottles of water
one cup of coffee (cream and sugar - which I am not cutting out yet)
Lunch I ate late which was ok cause I was not too hungry, I had chicken and broccoli over pasta with onions.  Simple, no butter or oil just crushed red pepper.
Dinner We has a nice salad, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, lettuce and grilled chicken.  light ranch dressing and some bacon bits.
Surprisingly I was not super hungry for dinner either.

With most of my normal weight loss issues I will NOT get on the scale each morning! 
I can!  It kills me to NOT do it, but I am sure I want to be surprised by the end of the week.

My biggest challenge so far is getting to the gym, with the kids snow days and not wanting to go back out after I am home in the afternoon.  I guess I just have to make it a point to do it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day Two? Eating right

Alright - I did pretty good with eating yesterday!
Instead of the chicken over a salad - we had salmon with lemon pepper seasoning, no oil or butter, brown rice cooked with no butter and added chicken broth for flavor.  We also each had a nice salad with low fat dressing.
Was I hungry?  Yes!
 Did I eat more? NO?
 Did I want to? YES!!!!!!!

Did I work out? No I did not I pt it off because I wanted to work out this morning, but a snow day stopped me in my tracks! So now what do I do? I am sure I will figure it out, but in the mean time I need to keep putting water into this body and working on getting the weight down.  Maybe a work out tonight after a night time meeting.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lets Try this again....another year another go.

Lets Try this again....another year another go at loosing the weight!
I just read online that if I blog about it daily the weight will come off because I will feel accountable.  So here is goes:

yesterday ~ was the restart of my working out routine.  I went to the gym for over an hour and ran/walked 3 miles in under 50 minutes.  I need to keep doing this but I also know that I have to add more to the routine, and the next visit to the gym I am going to set up an appointment to learn all the machines.

Food ~ I ate like crap yesterday many chocolate candies and crappy food - two waffles, three sausages for breakfast, lunch a slice of cold pizza and 1 cup of potato soup. Dinner 1 cup of cheap mac and cheese and 2 bread sticks  not a good eating day but I did for the first time in a LONG time get over 6 8oz glasses of water into this body.

Weigh In is over 160 I will not put the real weight because I am ashamed of it!  But I will tell my daily weigh gain or loss from this point forward.

Today - Breakfast 3/4 wheat chex 1/2 cup skim milk
                             cup of coffee with cream and sugar (which over time I will faze out)
             Lunch - Lean Cuisine & 16 oz bottle of water

Dinner not sure but looking at grilled chicken over salad

I am also hoping to exercise tonight on the WII fit for over an hour.  I will write more in the AM  wish me luck and please comment if you have something to share.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

wii morning

yeasterday 3 bottles of H2o
this am
and 35 minutes on wii

weight same

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Starting OVER

today 2/1 I am starting over I did 11 minutes on the stationary bike
tomorrow 2/2 I will try for 14 minutes
drinking more water
had last brownie for the week
still drinking Coke zero

cutting Rum for the week
will weigh in morning of 2/2 and 2/8/09

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 4

weigh in at 160.5 (saturday afternoon)
Did 45 minutes of wii activity
not so much water
started to drink Coke Zero

  • Goal this week to loose 3 lbs. 
  • drink less sugar drinks and
  • more water and to do 5 days of activity